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    Happy Birthday to -

    Dame Vera Lynn!

    Born 100 years ago today. What a contribution to Allied morale she made in the 1940s - and to popular song for decades afterward.

    And not many WW2 era singers have a steam locomotive named after them!

    All best wishes, Dame Vera. And thanks.
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    Re: Happy Birthday to -

    Not entirely clear what the message is there. Pretty sure SWMBO would not be thrilled to have a car named after her much less a train.
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    Re: Happy Birthday to -

    One of the WWII vets that I still communicate with on a routine basis also took notice of this birthday. Her songs still meant a lot to him. He even got to see her in London around December '44 shortly before reporting for duty with the 305th Bomb Group in Chelveston as a B-17 radio operator. 93 years old, still very sharp and in good physical shape (knock wood). He's definitely interested in watching the tribute concert for her 100th birthday. If anyone has a link to that, I'd like to share it with him.


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