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Thread: 76 TR6 Exhaust

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    76 TR6 Exhaust

    I really want to increase horsepower in my 76 TR6. Will I get a recognisable increase if I switch to a Monza or Ansa system? How loud will it be?
    What other mods should I consider?

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    Re: 76 TR6 Exhaust

    IMHO...only psychologically with a sportier exhaust note.
    Need to "work" the engine for hp increase.

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    Re: 76 TR6 Exhaust

    You really want to increase horsepower, put a supercharger on it!

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    Re: 76 TR6 Exhaust

    Go for the Ansa. As for increase HP; well maybe going downhill.
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    Re: 76 TR6 Exhaust

    A TR6 pretty much is what it is powerwise; but a 76 could use a little boost in compression....have a machine shop reduce the thickness of the cylinder head, then get someone to tune engine and carburetors who has been there and done that.

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    Re: 76 TR6 Exhaust

    Had a Monza on my '74, and thought it was too loud. Guess I got used to the burble of the TR3. Probably a Midas Muffler special.
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    Re: 76 TR6 Exhaust

    By 76 I think compression was something like 7.5/1, you can run 9.5/1 and get a good bump in horsepower and torque across the board, no real downside, you will need to run premium if you arent already. That and a mild cam will really wake the car up, maybe not rocket ship, but will feel a lot peppier. If the rest of the head is good wont cost much more than a fancy exhaust.


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