Mk II repair panels - Martin Robey

Have these panels and tried to price them one-half of current UK price. They are new with only a few handling scratches or dings: outer sill MRK20 L&R - $95 ea, inner sill MRK24 L&R - $36, valance MRK14 L&R - $69, front jack box MRK18 x 2 - $33, rear jack box MRK19 x 2 - $62, panhard mount MRK25 - $50, floor MRK17 L&R - $13 and a MRK9 rad access panel used as new free with substantial purchase. Obviously, packing some of these things is nearly impossible, so just plan a trip here and then you can look at the spot welder you need to get the best install (see other ad).

List Date: 9/7/2015

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On Sale For: $13.00