Beeing ratty.
This week will begin the process of turning one big bit into many little bits as prep work for the body being fixed and painted and interior replaced begins. Right now I'm in Tokyo and am leaving thrusday night so thrusday morning the work should begin yes morning it's not a misprint. Anything to stay awake long enought to get back on a normal sleep schedual. Colors are pretty much solid at this point. Sticking with the Black interior though still debating on switching over to a fully carpeted or if it's still available staying with rubber. I've decided on a current jaguar color slate which I think should look good especialy with the morspeed front and rear bumpers. Also going to use the grill from a 73/4. Going to be a fun summer project and I'm sure I will be asking plenty of questions.

Heres a pick of the color I've chosen.