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    Re: Smitty trans Master cylinder

    I understood - perhaps incorrectly - that the replacement dynamo bearing was supposed last longer than the original bush. Is it time for a Dynamator - a 45amp alternator that looks like a generator?...
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    Re: bt7 head surprise

    You might consider a gear reduction starter. Turns engine over faster than stock lump. Running one of these for about a year now without issue except that I'm getting tired of the sound it makes. ...
  3. Thread: Snowy Owl

    by gonzo

    Re: Snowy Owl

    What a beauty! We have a pair of Great Horned Owls battling for nesting and mating territory high above the pine trees in our backyard. Mostly hooting and squawking but sometimes all out combat. ...
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    Re: bt7 head surprise

    Drone Dog, I plan to follow your engine build if your choose to share. Will this be built for moderate performance? Webers, Headers, Fuel Injection? This is going to be fun! Good luck and keep...
  5. Re: Crankshaft Rotational Freeplay - What's going on with this engine?

    Great ideas. Thanks all for sharing. Here's an update: crankshaft rotational movement is no more than 2 degrees with fan belt removed. When I replaced the seal last year the damper took some...
  6. Re: Crankshaft Rotational Freeplay - What's going on with this engine?

    Understood and I'll be investigating this further. First order of business is to spin off the nut, then check the pulley for movement. Thanks, GONZO
  7. Re: Crankshaft Rotational Freeplay - What's going on with this engine?

    The BJ7's Harmonic Balancer is comprised of two parts, the laminated piece is bolted to pulley. Fanbelt runs off pulley and the entire assembly and nut have some degree of clockwise and...
  8. Crankshaft Rotational Freeplay - What's going on with this engine?

    In the process of tightening the fan belt and some rotational freeplay (about +/-10 to 12 degrees) in the damper / big crankshaft end nut was observed - early BJ-7. There is little to no "lash" or...
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    Re: BJ7 end couplings for fuel line

    The BJ7 squared body fuel pump accepts female fittings for input and output - so no banjo fittings here. Creating a new steel and/or cunifer fuel line to run the length of the car from fuel pump to...
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    Re: Gaskets and clearances

    Agree with #2 as possible culprit but also consider gear lever bush and correct gear stick locating bolt (image from DWR). Oh, how about trans pilot bush. Good luck, GONZO ...
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    Re: How to undo a flange nut..?

    Impact driver on removal, but on install would it be necessary to set a preload. Could this be achieved by indexing the nut with flange before starting, followed by tightening nut to match index on...
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    Re: Vredstein Sprint Classic Tires

    Purchase from Summit Racing and enjoy lower price and free shipping (company of origin is Coker tire). Proper sized replacement tubes could be...
  13. Re: How to get rid of the stink from spilled carb cleaner?

    Perhaps spreading kitty litter over the area could help draw up remaining carb cleaner. Keep changing it out until you could perceive something is actually working.
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    Re: Frugal Tool Hacks

    Hair gel, or any form of gel, applied thinly to underside of suction cup(s) will form a stronger suction particularly on uneven, textured surfaces. Works great for suction cup shower accessories etc.
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    Re: Brake drum check and lubrication

    Synthetic brake grease (see pic) but apply sparingly. Blue locktite for rear adapter nuts - but on a BJ 7 they're locking nuts as well. 60 - 70 ftlbs is about right. Someone on forum uses a...
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    Re: Oil soaked engine bay

    Use Dawn hand dish washing detergent and a drip pan to collect the mess for disposal. Dawn is used by volunteer and professional crude oil spill clean up crews, particularly on waterfowl. So your...
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    Re: What to do...what to do....

    If it's about appearance of exterior paint shine and luster, it may be possible and easier to "re-fresh" old lacquer paint. Cracks and blemishes could be corrected with matched paint and any...
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    Re: Wiper motor install error - warning

    Understand and appreciate that all equipped "options" work on our Healeys, but functioning wipers is not on the top of my list. Wiper motor is one speed...slow...and an application of rain-ex or...
  19. Re: LED or Quartz-Iodine headlights for my '67 AH 3000

    There are LEDs in H4 plug in options. The Marchals i have sitting on the shelf are EU-spec (France) from a 1958 Peugeot 403. Beautiful, agreed. But too early for H4 bulbs. Exploring Hella or...
  20. Re: LED or Quartz-Iodine headlights for my '67 AH 3000

    It's my understanding LEDs require less amps to power - something like 1/10 to 1/2 that of Halogens - or 0.5 to 2.5 Amps. Suits generator's output nicely. but then use of relays could also reduce...
  21. Re: LED or Quartz-Iodine headlights for my '67 AH 3000

    Kaybee, do you anticipate a plug and play H4 bulb change-out to LEDs or are there adapters and load resistors involved in your conversion to deal with low current draw hyperflashing? GONZO
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    Re: Universal joint let go

    Great save on the trans cover. Love the patchwork...a perfect Frankenstein. Thanks for sharing. GONZO.
  23. Thread: Two big Healeys

    by gonzo

    Re: Two big Healeys

    Could be Aussies southbound on their epic journey to Healey Week Monterey, CA. They were returning from Canada! Great folks with award winning cars. There were other intrepid fellows and one in...
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    Re: And now Tom Petty?? :(

    We had the pleasure to see him in concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Sept 21st. He said it was a coming home after almost 6 months on his Heartbreakers 40th Anniversary tour. He played and played and...
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    Re: Oil release valve plunger stuck

    Dave Russell described using a dowel to fit the inside diameter of the plunger to properly seat it after lapping. Perhaps the dowel-technique could work to help extract the plunger. I like your...
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