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    Thank Basil

    Members of this BCF Board had better realize how good we have it. For 3 weeks, I've been trying to sign up and log onto the Alfa Board without success.

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    Re: Ercoupe landing *not* at O'Hare

    "Just like driving a car". NOT. Later ones had rudder pedals.

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    Re: Cessna landing at O'Hare

    I flew into Bradley a few times, Islip once and Westhampton a couple of times. Never had any problems but I did hear a commercial pilot begin landing

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    Re: Audi A4?

    I think the A4 is turbocharged.?? Remember, a supercharger is something that makes an engine do something it doesn't want to do. Like force-feeding a

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    Re: Lionel Trains & Hubley Plane

    Two friends and I used to race a Lionel locomotive around a track for 10 laps. Course had a slow S-curve. Winner won 25 cents. Go too fast and you go

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    Triumph surrey top

    Iím looking for a original or repop surrey top for my newly inherited 1963 TR4. Any leads or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Casey 510 610 5325

    Peko 12-01-2018 11:37 PM
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