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    Re: Shop manuals

    I like to have them all! Haynes (my perception) is the best of the after-market bunch; the Bentley reprints are great; and the original factory manuals

    twas_brillig Today, 12:03 AM Go to last post

    New Cars

    I went to a new car show last night, with a swack of different dealers and models (YES! I want to meet the woman advertising the Ford "Bullit"

    twas_brillig Yesterday, 11:58 PM Go to last post

    Re: overdrive cable routing: and mounting the drive train

    If you jack dead center under the front crossmember the frame will spread to fit the brace with room to spare. Is there another problem going on, though?

    CJD Yesterday, 11:56 PM Go to last post

    Re: overdrive cable routing: and mounting the drive train

    Thank you. It seem logical!

    The other issue may well be due to crooked mounts for the crosspiece. Piggots book shows half an inch of clearance

    Dr_Mike Yesterday, 11:41 PM Go to last post

    Re: Modern Classics-to-be?

    You never know - 1st gen Civics are become VERY collectable - I think the Metro Turbos may prove to be collectable. I just this weekend heard somone talking

    JPSmit Yesterday, 10:33 PM Go to last post
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    Ronald Roy

    Hello, new member here

    I have a 1963 Sprite which I owned in the 70s and 80s , sold it (bad day)
    And recently found and bought it back from the internet in poor shape but repairable. Trying to get it registered but the...

    Ronald Roy 02-28-2018 05:18 PM
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