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Bernard 94

Triumph Roadster 2000

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Hello,Iím going to buy a TR Roadster 2000. As there are some works to do on it , I should like to take this opportunity to transform it from RHD to LHD.Do you know what parts I need to buy and where I can find them.

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  1. apbos's Avatar
    Difficult. The steering box is "handed" and sourcing a left hand drive box would be difficult ( not impossible as a few were made LHD), the dash would have to be made ( I did one myself). Then you would have to get the transmission linkage for a LHD ( unless you use a TR3 transmission and put it on the floor). Everything else should be the same in the car. Try the Roadster Club in the UK, maybe the have a lead on a steering box.
  2. Basil's Avatar
    Bernard - rather than post your question in your "blog" - you will get more response of you "post" a new topic in the Triumph forum.