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Bill Dyer

replacing Heater air duct

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What is the best way to attach the to duck work (conduit) to the blower motor? I was replacing the clamps with clips to be correct and now I can't get the air hoses back on the motor.... Help Bill

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Updated 07-08-2017 at 11:54 PM by Bill Dyer (incorrect information)



  1. Bill Dyer's Avatar
    I must be doing something wrong, I never get a comment on my blog. Can someone please tell me what is wrong?
  2. Mickey Richaud's Avatar
    Bill -

    I notice in your profile that you have a Healey; is that the car you're trying to work on? You need to post your question in the Healey forum: and you'll no doubt get plenty of help, as it's very active. This blog forum doesn't see as much traffic.

  3. Bill Dyer's Avatar
    OK thanks and yes it the one I am trying to make all original