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Fixin' to start to begin...

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Since this is my first attempt to restore/refurbish a car rather than tackle a single problem on a motorcycle or a daily driver, I'm reading as much as I can trying to determine the best start on this project. Because it is mid-December and my daughter's birthday is only 5 days before Christmas, I will not start in ernest until the new year has begun. Nevertheless, I am thinking about how to proceed.

Since I have boxes and boxes of parts and a body stripped of fenders, doors, interior, and glass I think I will begin with a kind of inventory based on the illustrations in my workshop manual and other references that I have aquired lately. I wonder how other people have started a project like this?

Since the disassembly was done a decade and a half ago by someone else, someone who didn't label the parts or even keep them in the same box, it will be a challenge.

I have an engine and transmission which came out of this car and was worked on by a machine shop and then partially rebuilt by the aforementioned "someone else" - I think I'll call this person "Bob" just to make it easier. The 1098cc engine seems to have new pistons, and a resurfaced block and head along with new or refurbed valves. Bob let the whole rig out in the upstairs of his barn where it has developed a fine patina of rust insome areas. Did Bob put in new bearings? change cam? Is the head shaved?

It is a fine puzzle.

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