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In the beginning...

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I have succeeded in getting the parts car moved to the workshop although it is sitting outside on rapidly leaking tires, covered with a tarp for the time being.
With the help of a friend with a tandom axle trailer and the seller I have filled the trailer again. This time with the disassembled project car/tub along with 20-25 boxes of parts and spares.

I have sorted the pieces into three rough piles: 1) engine bay components; 2) cockpit related parts and pieces; and, 3) exterior parts and pieces including body panels, bumbers, and lights. With the help of a come-along, a tow strap, and my child bride, the tub with suspension parts and rear wheels has been lowered off the trailer and pushed into place in the shop.

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Patient resting awaiting procedure

Since the rebuild of this Sprite began and ended 15 years ago, I'll have to go through everything as if the work had never been done. Since no fluid was in any thing that would ordinarily be wet, like brake and clutch cylinders, I fear that the parts that were replaced may have deteriorated. The same is true of the rebuild of the 1098 engine. There was a rebuild with head and the top of the block resurfaced. There are clearly new (never fired on) pistons and valves but I think I have to open up the pan and start through the mechanicals anyway.

There are new or refurbed pieces attached to suspension mounts but they are covered with a patina of rust from sitting in a garage for 15 years....

My biggest question is what will be the sequence of work on this project? Right this minute I think I will go through the boxes and piles to get a list of any parts I may be missing. That could take a lot of days all by itself. This will have to wait until after the holidays.

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