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    Hi Have a 65 TR4A IRS and am going to replace the diff seals and gasket. All are leaking. also while I am there will drop out the swing arms and re bush them as well as replace the wheel bearings and collapsable spacer. I assume its easier to do this on the shed floor rather than in the car. I hope its a case of jacking the chassis up and blocking it then dropping the diff out then same with swing arms. Has anyone done similar or know any problems I might find. any info would be appreciated.
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    Re: Stage 2 tune 1293

    Thanks for your replies what I expected really, I seem to remember in my youth stage 1 and 2 kits were offered with specific items and mods. I suppose

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    Re: Oil pump question

    I think Randall makes a good point about driving the car until you get a feel for it. My experience at least once or twice was the gauge, so the motor

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    Bob Claffie

    Re: Identify Parts

    I googled the piston ring data and came up with an application for a 1275 Spridget engine from 1966 to 1969

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    Re: Tube vs Tubeless discussion :)

    I was talking t Roger Goofed OK

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    Healey Nut

    Re: Tube vs Tubeless discussion :)

    Not only did I ask but I took a magnet to them once I got them and the spokes are not magnetic meaning they contain minimal or less iron .
    I used

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