• Austin healey BJ8 windup windows, 1/4 vent and seals

    BJ8 door windows repair to seals, winders, 1/4 vent, I had found nothing online worth reading on this subject so here we go after a complete strip down, new seals, winder guides, door chrome trim, winder mechanism.
    remove inner door handles, use a flat 1" wide paint scraper, push the handle collars back then using a 3/32" pin punch, push or tap the locking pin out allowing the handles to release, to refit use pointy nose pliers to insert the pin, alternatively use a nail of the correct dia, saw 3/4 of the way through and break off at the correct pin length after inserting.
    Ease the door panel off using a flat lever, door inner arm rest, drill out the 3 pop rivets and remove.
    Top seals can now be removed, inner brush seal and outer rubber, use a wide screwdriver to lever gently.
    window removal, remove vinyl inner cover, wind window up and manoeuvre roller out of the window channel, lift window up and carefully remove, check the runner guides, 2 at the front, 1 at the back, the glass channel pieces can be carefully removed, they are a tight glued fit, use sikaflex adhesive when refitting, 4 x 1" beads in the channel.
    1/4 window removal, remove lower front runner lower screws x 2, remove door securing screws x 2 at the top inner of the vent window, remove the outer door top chrome trim, start from the door rear and carefully ease it up, work gradually from back to front numerous times until it releases from the front, this trim is a press onfit with a few dons of adhesive behind, now remove the 2 outer screws behind the trim, the 1/4 vent unit with the front window runner can now be removed.
    when fitting new seals use a lubricant, ie/ detergent, and run your finger or a small screwdriver handle along the outer sealing surfaces, use firm pressure and the seal will enter and lock into the channel.
    photos to follow
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