• A Little Different DGV Installation...

    Just thought I'd share this here in case any other DGV users (or those contemplating using one) might be interested...

    Although I normally run a DCOE I do have a DGV setup I've run for a short time once before. Having a couple of things I want to change on my DCOE setup, I need to install the DGV so I can continue to drive the car while the DCOE is on the workbench.

    I did have a couple of things I wanted to do to the DGV first:
    - I never liked the awkward position of the mixture screw on the side toward the engine
    - The linkage on the carb would not allow the throttle to fully open! This is an issue I've seen on other DGVs as well

    The solution? Mount the carb 180 degrees from the norm....and rework the linkage. Reversing the carb accomplishes a couple of things.
    - Puts the mixture screw on the side next to the wing so it's easy to see and reach
    - Moves the fuel line connection away from the engine and exhaust manifold heat

    The only issue with reversing the carb on this manifold was that I had to open up the top of the manifold a bit since the 36mm choke was now on the opposite side of the manifold and would have been partially shrouded by the manifold. A few minutes with the Dremel solved that.

    I fixed the linkage issue by mounting a bracket to the bottom of the manifold to hold the part of the old linkage that let the cable turn 90 degrees. That also provides a place to attach the return spring. I made sure the new bracket changed the geometry to allow WOT at the cable's maximum pull.

    Just for kicks, I also decided to fashion a heat shield. Don't know if it's really necessary but, when I ran this carb several years ago, I did get some hard starting issues when trying to restart immediately after a long drive....an issue that seemed to be directly related to heat soak after a hot shut down. The heat shield was cut from a piece of 22 gauge steel and the bottom side covered with some self adhesive Thermo Shield material.

    Maybe I can install it this weekend and see how it works. First I have to go to a bicycle shop and get a new throttle cable

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