• Original spring-back mirrors are available for British Sports Cars...

    Tony's Tip #5:

    Offered as an original option, "Spring-Back" side mirrors were fitted to the forward fenders of many British cars including the TR3A, allowing them to be bumped into but not lose their setting. Of all the major parts houses I've been dealing with for decades, NONE offer these original spring-back mirrors YET THEY ARE STILL MADE IN ENGLAND BY THE SAME MAKER SINCE THE '60's! The name of the place is Tex Automotive Limited and can be contacted here:


    It's incredible that folks are still buying and installing the cheap static mirrors available at every parts supplier when these original optional mirrors are still available. I have no idea why none of the 3 big suppliers haven't bought boxes of these mirrors at a reduced price and offer them to their customers. You can contact their best salesman Michael by email here:


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    1. karls59tr's Avatar
      karls59tr -
      I did not see any spring back mirrors that resembled TR3 mirrors in their mirror product listing other than the one called "Cycle". is that what you are referring to?
    1. toysrrus's Avatar
      toysrrus -
      The "Lucas" style Fender Mirrors shown under "Classics" are "NOT" of a "Springback" design.
    1. absmgb's Avatar
      absmgb -
      I put a pair on my TR3A, they are the real thing. Go to www.apmotorstore.com
    1. TS66693's Avatar
      TS66693 -
      I could not locate any springback wing mirrors at that website: www.apmotorstore.com. What did you search for, or do you have any pn's? I had a pair of those mirrors on my '58 TR3 way back in the late 60's, and they are the best! Been looking for a source ever since ��
    1. PAUL161's Avatar
      PAUL161 -
      Go to http://www.texautomotive.com/ and hit the exterior button, there are quite a few mirrors there, spring backs included.
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