• TR3A Scuttle Vent (air vent) Lid leveling...

    Tony's Tip #3:

    If you replace the Scuttle Vent (air vent) lid and rubber gasket on the top of the front cowl, you might find it won't be level with the ground due to the new rubber gasket being taller than original. One fix for this could be for you to fabricate and install 2-holed thin rectangular SHIMS (as required) between the new lid's hinge and the new rubber gasket, thus raising the rear of the lid so it's level with the ground. Heavy weights placed atop the lid will help set the gasket to the cowl (with the proper silicone caulking) as low as possible so the bonnet doesn't hit the front edge of the lid upon raising the bonnet.
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    1. badornato's Avatar
      badornato -
      level with the ground? not sure what you mean by that..
      i have a new gasket in mine and the front of the lid hits the back of the bonnet when i open it.
      very annoying.
      my simple fix is to open the scuttle before i open the bonnet..
      quirky but effective.
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