• New TR3A Lucas Gauge Face Dials from Italy...

    Tony's Tip #1:

    Did you know that there is only ONE person in the world (as far as I know) with new Face Dials for Lucas gauges? He's in Italy and his name is "Manolo" and he can be contacted via eMail here:


    His prices are very low and he's been doing this for many years. There are other places to get your gauges repaired, but this guy is affordable and uses your existing gauges. He installs not only new face dials, but new clear plastic light windows and gaskets to stop the glass lenses from vibrating. He even repaired a speedometer with a missing trip odometer knob. Very impressive work at low prices.
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    1. Blackjokr's Avatar
      Blackjokr -
      thanks for the info! Love this place. Where else could I find such good items!!??
    1. JimTR3B's Avatar
      JimTR3B -
      How about the shipping costs to Italy? Was it expensive?
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