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    What are the Odds?By
    Michael Rogers (Greasy Thumbs)

    This is of course true and happened in about 1987 in Sunnyvale, CA. One daywhile at lunch I noted in the San Jose Merks' classifieds, an advertisememt for an ACBuckland, --Buckland?? Must be a Brooklands. Never heard of Buckland. I called andit was at a scrappers in nearby Los Gatos. After work I rushed over, and sure enough itWAS a 1953 Buckland, a Rare car (one of 12) and from a rare old company started in1905 and surprisingly still turning out cars.

    This four place convertible it turns out was the sports model with alloy body andhad originally come with their amazingly modern Single Overhead Cam, alloy block,triple SU'd motor designed in 1926. This car had however been blessed with a Jaguarmotor which fit nicely and would have been a reasonable mod in that the motor wascontemporary. After bringing this new treasure home, I looked up the club and found aUS club representative was in--Los Gatos! Don Davis: SURPRISE! He had an extracopy of the club publication: AC Action, featuring the Buckland. Perusing this I foundthat there was ONLY one Buckland registered in the US and it was in--Los Gatos! Itwasn't this one though. I soon found that its motor, radiator, transmission, rear end,wheels and hubcaps were available in a shop -- in Los Gatos! Seems That Buckland wasstuffed with a Chevy and hasn't been seen since.

    NOW for you statisticians: what is the probability of all this? .0000000000001? Inany case I now have a rare car with a proper drive train that only requires a million hoursto restore!

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    This is a AC Buckland similar to the one in this story
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    1. GMC Guy's Avatar
      GMC Guy -
      This is very cool...do you have a PIC of what you are starting with?
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