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  1. Making piles of piles

    Had a day to spend on the sprites. Worked on identifying system components and parts of sub-assemblies. Began with water circulation system and listing all the parts that needed to be replaced. Rubber and gaskets are sort of a given for replacement. Soon the lure of the engine was too powerful to resist and I pulled the pan off the 15 year old rebuild to check the condition of the crank and cam. They looked good with no rust on the vital surfaces. So I sprayed the interior with a light oil and closed ...
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  2. Fixin' to start to begin...

    Since this is my first attempt to restore/refurbish a car rather than tackle a single problem on a motorcycle or a daily driver, I'm reading as much as I can trying to determine the best start on this project. Because it is mid-December and my daughter's birthday is only 5 days before Christmas, I will not start in ernest until the new year has begun. Nevertheless, I am thinking about how to proceed.

    Since I have boxes and boxes of parts and a body stripped of fenders, doors, interior, ...
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  3. In the beginning...

    I have succeeded in getting the parts car moved to the workshop although it is sitting outside on rapidly leaking tires, covered with a tarp for the time being.
    With the help of a friend with a tandom axle trailer and the seller I have filled the trailer again. This time with the disassembled project car/tub along with 20-25 boxes of parts and spares.

    I have sorted the pieces into three rough piles: 1) engine bay components; 2) cockpit related parts and pieces; and, 3) exterior ...

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  4. New Member introduction

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Howell View Post
    I am a new member, having finally purchased an MG. I live in Florida and had never ridden in a MG TD. Although I did sit in one in 1967. I have owned several Porsche 356's, but always had a desire to own a TD. I finally found the right car for me. It was located in Austin Texas. I live in Florida. After working a deal on the phone, I flew out to Austin. The condition of the car sold me the minute I saw it. The owner gave me a quick ride, then I took it for a quick ride. The rest of the
  5. Cold ram air intake (poor mans version)

    After noticing a power drop-off after the car had been running awhile & watching the temp. gauge gradually creep up. I looked into a cold air intake system for my TR3A. But could find nothing that was customized & had an enclosed duel carb. airbox.

    So I did the next best thing:

    I made a simple & inexpensive air intake modification.
    Bought a generic brake line cooling scoop (6"x 3.5") with a centered 3" port , a Spectre 3" x 28" ...

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    2015 1960 TR3A project
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