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  1. Fixin' to start to begin...

    Since this is my first attempt to restore/refurbish a car rather than tackle a single problem on a motorcycle or a daily driver, I'm reading as much as I can trying to determine the best start on this project. Because it is mid-December and my daughter's birthday is only 5 days before Christmas, I will not start in ernest until the new year has begun. Nevertheless, I am thinking about how to proceed.

    Since I have boxes and boxes of parts and a body stripped of fenders, doors, interior, ...
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  2. In the beginning...

    I have succeeded in getting the parts car moved to the workshop although it is sitting outside on rapidly leaking tires, covered with a tarp for the time being.
    With the help of a friend with a tandom axle trailer and the seller I have filled the trailer again. This time with the disassembled project car/tub along with 20-25 boxes of parts and spares.

    I have sorted the pieces into three rough piles: 1) engine bay components; 2) cockpit related parts and pieces; and, 3) exterior ...

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  3. New Member introduction

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Howell View Post
    I am a new member, having finally purchased an MG. I live in Florida and had never ridden in a MG TD. Although I did sit in one in 1967. I have owned several Porsche 356's, but always had a desire to own a TD. I finally found the right car for me. It was located in Austin Texas. I live in Florida. After working a deal on the phone, I flew out to Austin. The condition of the car sold me the minute I saw it. The owner gave me a quick ride, then I took it for a quick ride. The rest of the
  4. Cold ram air intake (poor mans version)

    After noticing a power drop-off after the car had been running awhile & watching the temp. gauge gradually creep up. I looked into a cold air intake system for my TR3A. But could find nothing that was customized & had an enclosed duel carb. airbox.

    So I did the next best thing:

    I made a simple & inexpensive air intake modification.
    Bought a generic brake line cooling scoop (6"x 3.5") with a centered 3" port , a Spectre 3" x 28" ...

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    2015 1960 TR3A project
  5. Claying your car, before you polish

    I only thought my car was clean.

    I have never used clay before. Really didn't even know it was out there until a friend told me about it recently. The whole concept around clay is to use the tacky clay to strip your car's top coat of contaminates, ground in debris, etc., most of which you can't even see. But if you were to gently rub your hand on the surface you would probably feel.

    There are several makers of clay for finishing your car.
    the ones I looked at ...
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