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  1. Tr-250

    I cannot figure out how to remove my old rheostat on my do I get the black handle removed from the shaft...I don't have any button to depress. I'm talking about the switch that controls the dash lights....which I have no dash lights working....thanks for any help...
  2. BJ8 Transmission removal

    My first post after becoming the proud owner or should I say custodian of a 65 BJ8. I have done a few
    basic mods to improve the drivability on our congested roads, new shocks, 4 pot caliper upgrade,
    pointless fuel pump, aluminium sump, etc. Whilst the sump was removed the big end bearings were checked
    for clearance and the cam inspected as much as you can without removal, the engine did have an annoying tap at idle pulled the followers and found one to be badly pitted ...
  3. OEM jack for TR4a

    Does anyone know if a Tangye Shelley jack was OEM for the TR4a?

  4. #46. Headers

    Converting to ceramic coated headers is a logistical PITA for the most part. It also runs in to some serious money, especially if your having some one else doing the welding & install.

    But, I must say the acceleration performance is improved.
    even starting the engine is much easier.

    i purchased the mid length header from BPNW, for about $400.00.
    took them into a local shop ( that isn't a LBC specialist, but a good conscientious mechanic none-the-Less). ...

    Updated 07-10-2016 at 01:39 AM by GTP1960

    2015 1960 TR3A project
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  5. 1/4 Elliptics- Getting the Bast__rd Apart

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim_Gruber View Post
    One of Bugsy II's 1/4 EllAttachment 40483Attachment 40484Attachment 40485Attachment 40486iptics came out without a struggle from the Spring Box, everything is clean as a whistle. The PS on the other hand is a pig that I needed to drill out to extricate. I marinated in Evaporust for the past 4 days and pulled it out and placed in my trusty vice. A couple of sharp blows with my 5 lb sledge and a punch allowed me to remove/punch out the centering
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