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  1. Dodged a bullet and made a find

    I managed to come to my senses and did not look at the third Sprite. A review of the posted photos showed me that I would have about the same quality pile of parts, just a larger pile.

    Spent a day in the shop and just for the fun of it I tore down an SU and put it in the soak. Can't wait to get back to it and really clean it up for the rebuild kit.

    I found a lot of small parts bags from 15 years ago when the original owner was attempting to repair/rebuild the initial MK ...
    restoration process
  2. Illness confirmed

    After weeks fighting the flu I have been thinking about the project in my shop. Found another Spridget - 1965 MG Midget in small town nearby. "Engine locked up"... but it has wire wheels. Photos look like its been sitting for awhile. Going to look at it this weekend. I must have lost my mind! With all of the boxes of parts I already have, what am I doing?