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  1. Like a piece of jewlery

    The rocker arm assembly and push rods are cleaned and polished. covered with fogging oil and wrapped in oily cloth. Looks like jewelery. Still have to get the tappets out and cleaned up of their surface rust. Also have to locate the screw adjusters for the rocker arms and clean them up. Light weight surgery slowed me up but I'm on the way back to "my normal". Encouraged by success with the rocker arms and shaft.
    Tags: restoration
  2. Fretted crank hub fix.

    I had installed the Moss narrow belt conversion with a dampener pulley a couple of years ago.
    it seemed to perform well & I was happy with the results.....right up until the pulley failed.
    turns out the woodruff key was only partially covered by the pulley boss. But you could not see that from the front, because the spacer blocks your view.
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    the key gradually rockered back and finally broke off, allowing the pulley to spin on the hub, wallowing ...
  3. Spare tire cover bn6

    I bought a spare tire cover for my BN6 but I am not sure of how it is attached to the car the vinyl portion may be glued to the bulkhead but I am not sure. is there's anyone out there that knows? Bill
  4. Progress at a snail's pace

    Since the last post the wheels have been media blasted, primed, and painted with Ford silver wheel paint and clear coated. 5 tires (needed a spare), Kumho SOLUS TA11 Tire 155/80R13 79T mounted and balanced. In mounting the wheels on the car there were two studs that no nut I had would thread all the way flush to secure the wheel to the front right spindle. There are 33 wheel nuts and any of them would thread up snug on 14 of the 16 studs. Naturally this was not evident until mounting the last wheel. ...
    restoration process
  5. TR3 frame part

    I am in need of a rear cross tube for a TR3 frame.
    Thanks for any ideas.
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