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    So Jim did you get that carb back together. It's been a month and a half. LOL. Spring is partway gone already but I hope to have Bugsy IV my
    '60 BE back on his feet within next 2 weeks. Tires arrive for my 8 Spoke Polished Rims on Friday afternoon. That helps to make things more real. One set of Rear Springs all painted just needs assembly. The other set starts into paint process tomorrow. Rear End is almost all apart need to get wheel bearings out and I need to look at the 3.9 Differential I bought and see if it looks ok and turns freely. All fun coming up this weekend. I only got to drive this BE for 7-8 times in September and October after I got him running again. Scary brakes and scary suspension put him back on jack stands for the winter where he got front disks, all new suspension, sway bar, shocks and doing the same to the rear with wheel bearings, bushings, trashed the crappy Tube Shocks that were installed, upgraded later brakes, and resleeved Master Cylinder, and changing the rear end out to up top speed. 5 Speed and new engine come later in the Summer. I can't wait. So Jim keep plugging along you'll get there. I spent 3 years plugging away on a '59 that I finally said 'No mas!" I got tired of fighting rust everywhere on a BE I dragged back from Toronto. Plus State of OH said they would not register it without spending another 5-600 to ask a judge to issue a title for it. Missing a registration from 35 years ago and they want the paper copy that did not exist any more. Oh well I learned a lot about rotisseries and taking a Sprite totally apart. Sold it for almost what I had in it all in pieces.