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  1. Austin Healey 3000 cooling issues

    How does the Wizard radiator compare to the Moss Motor 834-990?
  2. Range Rover Sport Wheels

    Hi All Just need some advice please
    I've got a Range Rover Sport 2005
    I've been offered at a great price 4 Range Rover Overfinch wheels 22 inch I'm running 18 inch at the minute standard wheels ..
    My question is will the overfinch wheels fit my studs size as I can't try them on the car before I buy them as I will have to get a van to collect them
  3. replacing Heater air duct

    What is the best way to attach the to duck work (conduit) to the blower motor? I was replacing the clamps with clips to be correct and now I can't get the air hoses back on the motor.... Help Bill

    Updated 07-08-2017 at 11:54 PM by Bill Dyer (incorrect information)

  4. Photo upload and link test

  5. Rats' Nests

    Spent five hours today going through boxes of smaller boxes and shredded styrofoam mixed with sticks, nuts and hulls, and what looked like insulation fibers all accumulated over the last 17 years in storage. Seeking treasures, I braved the strong smell of rat urine and other waste products opening every little box of 3.5" DD DS diskettes, labeled and not, today I was seeking rocker arm adjustment screws and nuts. At last I located them and dropped them into a small jar of apple cider vinegar ...
    Tags: restoration
    restoration process
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