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  1. #49. Gearbox & OD oil change

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    Because my filter has a less flexible inner basket weave that would not re-form well,

    i did as Randall suggested and used one mag. ring at the base of the OD plug and a magnetic plug in the gearbox.
    however next year ( or next time I drain) I'm switching to the mag. Hex socket type of plug.
    That big plug post sticking straight down from the gearbox is just asking to be knocked off.


    Updated 07-10-2016 at 01:25 AM by GTP1960

    2015 1960 TR3A project
  2. #48. DOT 5 conversion

    There are a lot of different opinions about the best way to convert to DOT 5 from DOT 3/4.
    the safest bet would of course be completely dismantle your brake system, clean & flush, then bleed in 5. (That's pretty much what all the Mfgrs. recommend). But on the BCF & several other DIY sites, a simple chase the old fluid(3/4) with the new (5) has done no harm and worked fine.
    i figured I'll take the simple route first & if it gives me trouble, then I will do it the hard way. ...

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    2015 1960 TR3A project
  3. #47 Tourist Trophy OEM type exhaust system

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    I had been running an aftermarket muffler for the last year or so, but it didn't have that LBC rumble.
    though I'm sure my neighbors appreciated the old muffler, when Moss put the Tourist Trophy on sale in May,($approx. $260.00) I decided to switch back. (Actually my car came to me equipped with a single glass pack cherry bomb).

    i had Menike muffler shop connect to the exhaust pipe after it went thru the "box". ...

    Updated 07-10-2016 at 01:35 AM by GTP1960

    2015 1960 TR3A project
  4. triumph herald 1971 13/60 - light switches

    Hi everyone. trying to sort out lack of lights on my Herald 13/60 and wanted to get at the main dash light switch to check the wiring. Switches have the T shape pulls - do they really just pull off or is there a cunningly hidden screw which I can't see fixing the plastic to the shaft. Its a very tight fit if it is friction only and I don't want to wreck anything by pulling too hard. Advice appreciated! thanks Mike
  5. Rocker Cover Vent

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    I am thinking of venting my rocker cover vent to the balance tube on the intake manifold. Itís a 1098cc engine in a Bugeye. Has anyone had any problems after doing this?
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