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  1. New Year marks the return

    After spending a year on household projects, this is my year to devote to my Sprites. Looking forward to getting one of them on the road before the year is out. Best body is now sitting on it's wheels and tires with new front calipers waiting for install. 1098 on my build table awaiting paint and assembly. Flywheel resurfaced, rocker assembly awais new central rod install and then onto the head.

    I am swapping the position of the two cars to make it easier to move the build in and out ...
  2. Austin healey engine rebuild.

    I finally got a call from my engine rebuilder [ two weeks before christmas and i have lots of grandchildren ] !!! anyway . he needs lots of parts but i would think that it would be best to know exactly what i am starting with .

    i hope someone out there can tell me about the 1275 motor that is going into my 1960 bug eye ..
    The serial number off the block says [ i think ] " 12v167iZiL8952 ' please let me know if i made any mistakes and put down an l instead ...
  3. Position of the hood / bonnet buffer wedges on a TR6

    I am restoring my 1974 TR6 and need some help finding how to position the 4 buffer wedges for the bonnet / hood. I have the holes pre-drilled on the top of fender but the buffers are not. Not sure if you need to have it aligned with the top of fender or resting on the base of the bottom lip. Also which side of the wedge is facing the fender.
    Pictures displayed on the blog would help, not as a link as they are sometimes difficult to open or require q subscription.
    Thanks a lot