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  1. TR2 Wing Beading

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    Here are several photos (if I can figure out how to attach them!) of original TR2 wing bead compared with several of the options available, including the two latest from Moss (grey) and Woolies (white).
    Well, I was not able to upload the most current photos of the "perfect" white bead from Woolies. will try another time

    Attachment 47089

    Attachment 47090
  2. little caged nut headlights

    Quote Originally Posted by SASSAMON View Post

    TRF has the cage nuts for the headlight mounting. Part number: CD24855 at a price of $2.48 each. If you need all six nuts it may be cheaper to buy the mounting kit that also includes new screws and washers: RFK1899 for $15.97 that will mount both headlights.


  3. TR4A - TR6 clutch pressure plate???

    Quote Originally Posted by TR3driver View Post
    From what I've read, it appears that there are several different B&B plates sold for the TR6, and most of them are wrong. The right B&B plate appears to be fine; but IMO it's easier to go with the Laycock/Luk and avoid the confusion.

    Ah, here it is : Brent Kiser of Minnesota Triumphs (an ME from Purdue) wrote that he contacted AP Automotive (who makes the B&B plate or at least did in 2001) and was told that the B&B plate he got from TRF, P/N HE5132Q, was designed for
  4. TR 4 Timing mark

    Quote Originally Posted by glemon View Post
    Yikes, been so many years, geometry, pulley is 5.5" I assume this is diameter, circumference is Pi x diameter, so 3.14 x 5.5" = 17.27" (circumference) / 360 (degrees) = .048" per degree (rounded). Times 4 (degrees) = .192" inches, a hair over 3/16" of an inch. Correct?