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  1. Tenax fasteners on windscreen

    I have 2 holes in the windscreen frame that are stripped of threads. Any help on how to remedy? New studs are no problem if they can be made to stay in.
    TR3A Commission # 75773
    Thanks, Le T
  2. #29. Re-start & carb issues

    After three days, I had no trouble restarting.
    though she did belch a lot of black smoke & my recent valve adjustment did send up a bit of a clatter.
    she also spit & coughed a bit, but retarding the timing advance cured that.

    i hooked up a digital rpm meter and confirmed the tachometer is about 300 rpm fast. Explained why I was idling so rough at 900tach rpm. ( 600 actual)

    my next issue is to re-center the jet needles, by using the advice I found ...
  3. #28 compression test

    The good news is that the compression on each cylinder was approx. 165-170psi. I believe the cylinders are bored out to 89mm ( as per my mechanics, though I haven't confirmed it)
    So therefore the higher compression
    ( stock norm is approx. 120psi) is probably ok.

    Though i did err, by opting to do a wet compression test. I squirted in 30w oil & repeated the test.
    All cylinders registered at about 190psi.. Not bad.
    but I must have injected to much oil in ...
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  4. #27. Attack in a different direction

    After getting
    her all back together ( more or less), with a new flame thrower distributor & coil. Cleaned up the carbs. & went to work on tweaking the timing and carb settings.
    i was still having some hesitation or missing problems, but she was coming along( better pick up & more responsive to the pedal).....right up until my new facet fuel pump failed. One minute it was working fine, the next, dead as a door nail. Fuse was ok, relay was ok, ground was ok. Wired ...

    Updated 06-11-2015 at 08:50 PM by GTP1960

    2015 1960 TR3A project
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  5. electric problem

    I have a 1978 Triump Spitfire 1500.My problem is if I drive on the road the neg. post on the battery melts off. Setting in my shop I have no problem. Alternator is checked and is in proper working order. Has any one else had this problem?It was changer over to a XR 700
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