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08-01-2014, 07:51 PM
1969 triumph spitfire MKIII street/vintage eligible (http://www.panjo.com/buy/1969-triumph-spitfire-mkiii-street-vintage-eligible-139687)

This is a street able MkIII spitfire that I enjoy around town, . its extremely reliable, starts right up and motors smoothly. It has a MASS July 14 inspection sticker and is of course registered. Title and a VRG logbook are available. I originally purchased this car to have the best of both worlds. I have competed in VRG events with this car and runs easily as a mid pack competitor. This is not a time bomb, but just a fun car. This is not a trailer queen with a 6 grand paint job, .. yes, there ia a patina to the car, its a racer, but pass a 20 yard test with no problem...I raced a G-prod Spitfire for twenty five years and this car handles just as well. The following is on the car:

Four original Minilites with Toyo R 80s mounted...
Stock 1500 cc engine
Triumph Aluminum Herald Gearbox just rebuilt by Phil Krantz in Michigan
Oil Cooler
New points, cap, wires plugs etc.
New Alternator
Brand new front calipers, (used one weekend) with stainless steel lines
Carrera shocks
Legal roll bar with side cockpit braces (windows and door latches still work!)
Corbeau custom seats
Custom Dash
Quick Release steering Wheel
Hardtop, (I like the vintage feel of this)
Custom windscreen within (if you don't want to run the top)
5 gallon fuel cell
Electronic fuel pump
Tow hooks (Heaven forbid!)
Custom dual exhaust from Rimmer bros of Britan

also with this car, you will receive:
Four original steel wheels with Yokohama AVS 185-13 tires
One extra front hood with flares (see photo)
three windscreens
One Stock Fuel tank
One soft top with all rigging
Stock Manifold
Two transmissions
two extra engines, both should probably be rebuilt, a 1300cc, and a 1147cc
Storage box of extra parts for race events (extra distributor, cap rotor etc, fuel pump gaskets etc. etc.
...and I'm sure there a bunch of loose miscellaneous tie bits hanging around that go with the car...

..This is an excellent value for you to get into vintage racing at a really realistic price...the reason for the sale is my desire to get back into SCCA racing with a formula/or spec vehicle.

any questions please feel free to respond, enjoy Thank you

List Date: 8/1/2014
Location: Scituate, Mass, United States

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