View Full Version : Wanted need 1978 Spitfire crankshaft pulley

02-15-2014, 02:06 AM
Hey Guys,

So after letting her sit for the 9 years since I got my TR6, I decided to pull my 1978 Spitfire out of her long winter nap and make her roadable. And where I'm now under-employed/semi retired I've got the time. With the body work done and waiting for the final paint my winter project is rebuilding the engine. Other than the usual machine shop work I find that I need a crankshaft pulley cuz of a chip out of mine. Anyone out there got one from an engine parted out. Only have an auxiliary rocker feed line or 7 1.75:1 Jim Swarthout roller rockers or a couple dead presidents to trade.

Thanks, Steve