View Full Version : For Sale 1974 Triumph TR6 w/Hardtop & Soft top; Restored by British Car Specialists for owner.

08-08-2013, 01:46 PM
28596See the website I created: http://www.myvirtualgaragesale.org/TR Everything that has been done to this car to put it into top condition, has been done by British Car Specialists for the current owner (myself)...PLUS I have full documentation of every dime that has been spent: itemized, documented, summarized & photo album of every step along the way from beginning to end of full restoration. I am announcing that this car is available for sale because I have aging issues/spine issues that make it painful for me to sit, drive any car, and unreasonable to be at car events for many hours. It is time to make this "For Sale" decision while I can take a positive attitude that this hobby is soon to be over.....but this sale is NOT a sale in desperation and I can still meet with a potential buyer, show them all the professional documentation of the restoration, and even deliver the car myself on its trailer. See website for all the details. A new owner can simply step into my shoes (sit in my driver's seat...Ha!) and just enjoy this car without having to do anythingelse except regular maintenance when due, i.e. oil change, tire rotation. List of what is due/when due per odometer reading increments is on my return email, if someone expresses an interest. This car is in perfect condition and is in the "daily driver" category...but, of course, now that it is so gorgeous, you'd want to be careful when/where you drive it and what routes you take. NOT a car to "flip" and re-sale, but one that is ready for its new owner to drive and enjoy. NOT a barn-find, nor a project car. Everything that has been done to this car in the restoration, is in exact keeping with the design/styling for this car that could have been ordered originally direct from the manufacturer when the car was brandnew in 1974. The restoration was completed in 2010, and if anything came up in driving the car and enjoying it since then, it was immediately taken care of by British Car Specialists........and will continue to be taken care of, i.e. regular maintenance, and documented, just like everything has been.....by the present owner up until the car is sold.

AFTER reviewing pics and all details at my website, next step will be to send an email directly to TRthecar@gmail.com expressing interest and stating any further questions you might have. Additionally, I will reply to your email with a word document in a "Questions & Answers" format that even gives more information, in addition to what is at my website. Thanks! "T.R...the Car"

08-10-2013, 03:22 AM
You sound like a car dealer - are you?

08-10-2013, 07:58 AM
No, I'm not a car dealer. This is my personal car. It will not go to a car dealer, but another personal owner who will love it and actually drive it. Thanks.