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06-10-2013, 03:20 PM
Well I've been a member on this forum for all but a few months and have learned a lot in that time. Unfortunately, now that it's driving season and it's up and running like a dream, I have to sell my TR4. If you're interested, it's up for auction on eBay this week: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/TR4-/130925800143?_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&forcev4exp=true#ht_692wt_1064


06-20-2013, 12:22 AM
Hey, Scott,
I was watching your car on Ebay and for some unknown reason I missed the auction end. I did notice that the reserve was not met. Are you still trying to sell the car? If so, what are you asking? Thanks.

06-20-2013, 01:05 AM
Hi Russ,
Yes the car is still available. I was working with a guy in Pennsylvania but he needs more time to get the funds. I was just about to re-list it. I'll PM you and we can discuss it.

06-20-2013, 01:36 PM
I was copying the Ebay listings, so I have all you wrote, but not the pictures, I've lost all of those.

A few questions I'd have are:
1) you mentioned rust spots in the trunk; how bad are they and are there any other areas of rust to be concerned about?
2) why is there trouble fitting the convertible top? Is it because of the fabric or is there a frame problem?
3) any body issues? bondo, etc?
4) any frame issues?
5) what kind of gas do you use? Lead additive?
6) you say this is a daily driver, would you trust it on a road trip or would you trailer it?
7) what is your ideal timeframe?

And you say $11,000 is your asking price?
I'm new on this site, too! Is there PM here or do we need to go outside the forum. My email is sidestick69@yahoo.com.