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06-08-2013, 07:42 AM
So I'm thinking of selling this baby- I've owned it for 15+ years and just have not had the time or inclination to work on the project. Every time I seem to get started, another project gets in the way. Currently I'm working on a Porsche 911 and I have my eyes on a mid-60's XKE. This is my hobby, I love restoring old sports cars. The car is very solid and does not need much metal work. Its a complete car, I have pretty much everything. I have a ton of pics and new sheet metal. From what I can see here is what the car needs for sheet metal work; floors replaced, dog leg quarter work, outer rocker panels. Longitudinals look good but I have a new pair just in case. I also have a new pair of door jambs, but the ones on the car look good. Fenders fit very well, one needs a little work at the bottom. The front cowl is not rotted, but has a dent in the lower front that does not look too difficult to straighten. One spot had a 1/2 inch of bondo. The inner sheet metal is in great shape- trunk rot free, inner front fenders are in great shape. The frame looks great, but I have not taken anything apart yet. The center section looks great and from what I can see, its very solid everywhere. The doors are excellent in shape, not rotted or messed up. One has a little bondo in the lower section, but it looks due to a dent and not rot. I have all the new sheet metal from Moss motors, longitudinals, dog-legs, outer rockers, door jambs, battery box.. 3 fenders have been remove and the cowl removed. Thats how far I got in 15+ years. Also have a stainless steel exhaust and other new parts as well.
Engine and tranny (no overdrive) were rebuilt in the mid 80's, I have a ton of receipts. I had the motor running when I bought it and its been very well preserved indoors since. The prev owner also had a copy of an original extensive Triumph repair manual that is in great shape. The original color was British Racing Green and it appears to have been last restored in the early 70's. The car was last registered in 1975 and I have a good clean title from Indiana. I have all the parts, some can be reconditioned and some need to be replaced. This could be a top notch show car with a reasonable amount of work. Don't know how much its worth these days. I spent good money on replacement panels and I bought the car for $3000 15+ years ago!~ This car with the paperwork, good frame and nice straight panels and good inner structure would be a great car. Its on casters and I can spin it around to take any pics of the body. I was going to paint her light ivory- oh well- lets see what happens. I'm thinking I'd like to try for $6500 and see where it go's from there. My home email is dvcarr@comcast.net if someone wants pics- I have a ton.

07-01-2013, 07:01 AM
Well- I sold the car, thanks everyone for looking. Advertised it on ebay, and I had a bunch of people in line to want to buy the car. Someone from Florida ended up buying the car and wired me the money. As luck would have it, an old friend was 70 percent done with a beautiful 1970 TR6 restoration and decided that he was burned out on finishing the car, so I bought it from him. I'll be posting pictures and asking questions as I try to finish the car. Frame reworked, perfect body, rebuilt engine with webers, runing and driving car for $4500, I could not turn down that price. He had way over $12k into this baby.
Problem is I hate the color, kinda of a weird maroon with brown interior. I'll have to paint it the color thats more appealing to me. One main reason he decided to sell the car is that this maroon is the original color, and after he painted the trunk, engine compartment, and jambs, and reassembled the body, he decided he hated the color and could not do anymore work on the car. I don't know if this has any bearing on originality, but I'm seriously thinking of French Blue- love the color on a TR6, always wanted one that color- I'll post pics in the Triumph section soon.

08-09-2013, 02:27 AM
The new webpage that I made for my sale of Triumph TR6 may come in handy as a reference point for you. Totally professionally restored and 2+ recent years of award-winning in middle-Tn. shows. I've chosen this year to announce that it is for sale, due to my advanced aging issues that I will be slowing down/stopping car events...as I am uncomfortable to sit, to drive (any car) and to be out for long hours. It will be in the next issues of Classic Motorsports Magazine. This car is now a "daily driver" and a new owner can drive it anyday, everyday, and whenever/wherever they want to. The quality is at the "concourse" level now and everything that was done kept with the original design/look for this model with the optional hardtop and overdrive. Enjoy the website and if a person writes me an email, there is also a very detailed "Questions & Answers" document that I send back to them....so they will be certain to have every detail and own all the costs and documentation & photo album of the restoration by professionals. Top Car & Top Documentation....therefore leads a potential new owner to being able to research for themselves and review all documents, building a further trust that they will be getting an exceptional car, ready to drive and ready to win even more awards. There is nothing that needs to be done to this car....and I say when the next tire rotation, oil change is due by odometer mileage at that time......just regular maintenance just like any other car. It's an exceptional offering, and I am certain that its new owner will also own bragging rights about how beautiful this car is and in such perfect condition. Enjoy the website: http://www.myvirtualgaragesale.org/TR It is also a fun website just to view, as the car has his new "eyes" in on the bottom of page two.....and the kids love "T.R...the Car" with his eyes in!" Ha! Ha!