View Full Version : For Sale FREE - Fiberglass Lightweight Hardtop for TR3 TR3A TR2 TR3B

04-02-2013, 12:02 AM
I have a fiberglass TR-2, TR-3, or TR-3A hardtop that I'd like to give away for FREE. It's an aftermarket "Thompson" brand, is light, has simpler mountings than the regular Triumph factory hardtop, and is designed to mate with factory side curtains. The reason I got this top is that in addition to being light, the top is flat enough to put in a moonroof to make the car well lit and airy with the top on. Perfect for cool climate or winter use anywhere. Rear window is flat plexiglass and uncracked and can be used as-is with a polish. Window gasket is good. I may also have the body mount brackets, but am not sure (CRS). I got this top over 20 years ago from Albert Roth in Santa Monica, and have dragged it around with me since then - including two cross-country moves. Have realized that I'll not get around to using at and would like to offer it FREE to the first person who picks it up (fob our driveway in Cambria, since it will not fit in our cars). First come-first served. The perfect thing to bring home from the June Cambria event if it's still available then! Photos are at:


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