View Full Version : For Sale 1974 Triumph TR6

03-04-2013, 10:24 AM
Here's how simple it is: I live in west Texas, and I just don't get to drive this car enough to justify owning it. Plus, without a cooling fan, I fear getting stuck in 100-degree weather in stop-and-go travel because, after several minutes, I can see the temp gauge start to move. Please note: I have NEVER allowed this car to overheat--not once--but I just don't believe this car will operate in such a climate without an extra cooling fan installed. I have only driven it to "the big city" a few times (three hours each way), and that's where I observed this behavior when I was in traffic. But it drove just fine.

Before I try to sell anywhere else, I want to give Forum members first chance.

*This car has been sold*