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12-22-2012, 04:37 PM
** SOLD Jan. 8, 2012 **

Two 9" Alfin drums for TR4 through TR6 - $350. I bought these through Rimmer Bros. (Part No.: 210578UR), but have decided not to use them as the money is needed elsewhere now. These are completely unused and have never been mounted. Free shipping by USPS Priority Mail to USA addresses (actual Priority Mail International shipping costs to Canada and other locations).

These are $460 at Rimmer Bros., ($395 plus another $65 for shipping to the USA).

From the Rimmer Bros. product description:

"Just like the extremely rare factory optional Al-Fin brake drums, these reproduction finned drums not only look good but substantially reduce brake fade on hard driven TRs. They feature strong finned aluminium alloy shells with iron inserts.

Because these are designed to fit all TR4, TR4A, TR5, TR250 and TR6 the central hole is drilled to 70.5mm so as to “fit all”. The potential “spigoting” effect of this hole over the hub is neutralized by the tightening of the two locating screws.

The Stud Holes are drilled on a PCD of 114.3mm (as original) and suitable for standard “pull through” 7/16” studs as used on all but the Girling axled TR4 cars. To fit the AL-FIN drums on an early TR4 with “screw in” front mounted studs there is a slight “shoulder” on the studs which might not allow the AL-FIN to sit flat on the hub. We are led to believe that most people resolve this by drilling the hub and effectively converting it to use the later “pull through” studs as fitted on all the other cars these AL-FIN’s are designed to fit.

The Locating Screw Holes are drilled on a PCD of 100mm (as original)."

Note that the fins are the rough cast aluminum style, not the shiny, highly polished style (which are not available new, and would be double the price). This coarse aluminum dissipates heat better, which is one of the advantages of using Al-Fin drums.

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10-22-2013, 02:25 AM
These are very trick looking pieces. Looks like my 45 fin buick drums on my 29 Ford. These are for the rear I'm guessing as the fronts are disc.