View Full Version : Gauge calibration & Tach conversion done very well

12-03-2009, 08:56 PM
FYI-----I have posted this on the Triumph and other forums, only because of the great service that I received from this company. Now is the time that many cars come off the road for restoration work and this company is great, IMHO.

These are some quick pictures that I wanted to share of the great work done by Morris Mintz at West Valley Instrument Specialists. As you know from my previous thread, BobbyD highly recommended Morris and I found him to be a great asset to our hobby. Morris takes the time to talk to you (not at you) about your options BEFORE you send the gauges to him, then follows up with a call to confirm what needs to be done BEFORE doing any work. Great communications, very fair prices and very quick turn around, all with a positive attitude that is totally customer oriented.

Everyone knows that I'm a picky pain in the ass, so if I'm happy, you probably will be too. Please note, that my gauges were cosmetically restored before Morris received them, but he can do that work too. Naturally, all prices are based on the work needed, but you can see how I restored mine here if you want to do your own housings. http://www.74tr6.com/gauges.htm

Morris Mintz
West Valley Instrument Specialists, Inc.
19314 Vanowen Street
Reseda, CA 91335

Sorry, currently no website for Morris. I have no financial interest and received no discount for any work done in lieu of posting favorable comments. If any of this experience was bad, you all know that I would say that just as clearly as what I've said here.

I will be doing a full page on my website for this work over the weekend with more pictures, so stay tuned.