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06-16-2007, 05:40 AM
This is just a shot in the dark...

As RaceChair for EMRA I occasionally get some unusual requests.
Here's a request from Mike Kamm of the Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club for info about the old Ellenville Hill Climb events (in New York state) in the 1960s. I've passed this on to some of our EMRA folks, but I know there are some folks here that live (or have lived) in that area.
Does anyone have any info on these events? Mike's note is below the line:
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I'm an Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club member and I am hoping you can tell me whom I might be able to contact regarding the old Ellenville Hill Climb events of years past. I am told that the members of the South Shore Sports Car Club are the same guys who started EMRA. Are there a club historian[s] among your group? I have been researching the subject and there is a very interesting thread about it on our A.M.E.C. message board here:
In fact, last weekend [Saturday June 9th], six of our members went back to Mt. Cathalia to the original site and took pictures and told stories. I did a video interview with Vintage Saab Club of North America President, Bruce Turk and 50 year A.M.E.C. member, Dick Vedder. There are precious few pictures of these events. We're hoping that we could borrow and scan them to digital format. Or maybe 8mm home movies?
Mike Kamm / mkamm ( at ) juno { dot } com