View Full Version : Chrome Bumper Update

04-03-2007, 01:59 PM
Hi guys,
I posted a while back asking if anyone was interested in buying pre-cut Triumph 2000 bumpers from a contact of mine in the UK. I know some of you expressed interest, and I've been working on this ever since, trying to get the best shipping costs. I did eventually work out what I think is a pretty good deal, and I just received my bumpers yesterday (only 3 days in shipment!).
Just to be clear, these are bumpers that have been cut a couple inches longer than what's needed on a 2500M. To use, they will need cut again to the desired length and a end cap will need to be welded on. Then they will need finished and re-chromed. The mounting points are real close, but I haven't had time to get into it much, so I'll add that there may be some slight adapting needed there also.
On the bumpers I received, the chrome was good enough that if I didn't need to weld on them, I could have cleaned them up and used them as is. I don't know if they are all that good or not, so ask questions if you contact him.
He has 5 bumpers left, enough to do 2-1/2 cars. He gets
20 UK pounds for each bumper (40 total). With shipping to your door they will cost approximately $170 US total . I was originally going to buy all of his bumpers, but I've had some health issues come up and can't really afford the time or money, so I agreed with him to forward his email address to anyone that is interested. He didn't want me to just post it, so if you are seriously interested, PM me here and I'll email his address to you privately and you can deal with him directly. I make no guarantees
about this, but he was a really nice guy to me and the whole thing went very smoothly.