View Full Version : For Sale AH 100, 3000 Sideshift transmission, custom tool to take off 1st motion shaft nut.

07-17-2016, 03:33 PM
Contenter for ugliest/weirdest tool but it did the job.

7 years ago I made this tool upon advice from David Porter to take off the nut from the 1st motion shaft of a side-shift transmission. The nut was frozen solid on the shaft from a BN2 side-shifter I sourced on this forum, so definitely worth saving.. Applying copious amounts of pb-blaster, wd-40, heat and force would not make this one budge. This tool is made with a 1 7/8" socket I cut in half and a 10" pipe welded inbetween, so it slips over the input shaft, like a very deep socket. The drive is 3/4 but I used an adaptor to 1/2 to my impact wrench and off the nut went... (Note: if I remember correctly the nut goes counter clockwise)

It's been lying in my garage ever since, and I am cleaning up. $50 or best offer + shipping (medium flat rate box works)
Emall me at bertvanbrande (at) yahoo.com