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  • Randy Forbes's Avatar
    Today, 10:37 PM
    The four (4) front wheel cylinders for the 100 & 100/6 utilize a single piston in a blind cylinder bore, for a twin leading shoe (self-servo) system....
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  • poolboy's Avatar
    Today, 09:38 PM
    poolboy replied to a thread TR4/4A Symptoms with bad condenser in Triumph
    If a condenser is your only problem, you might get some relief here: I have one, but...
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  • Boink's Avatar
    Today, 09:36 PM
    Boink replied to a thread Paul Allen - RIP in The Pub
    I figure it would be fun to fully bury one for archeological purposes. Just think what some future explorer might find!
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  • glemon's Avatar
    Today, 09:33 PM
    glemon replied to a thread Paul Allen - RIP in The Pub
    I sold a couple Osborne computers I had for a few bucks (literally) 15-20 years ago. I suppose they will be worth something someday, maybe they are...
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  • Boink's Avatar
    Today, 09:28 PM
    Boink replied to a thread Math! in Humor
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  • Dandare's Avatar
    Today, 09:17 PM
    This is the system I was suggesting where you would lock up the brakes to achieve the least space between the pistons in the cylinder. The larger end...
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  • Got_All_4's Avatar
    Today, 09:17 PM
    Got_All_4 replied to a thread TR4/4A Symptoms with bad condenser in Triumph
    Time for Petronics or Hot Spark.
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  • Got_All_4's Avatar
    Today, 09:11 PM
    Got_All_4 replied to a thread TR2/3/3A Bad parts. in Triumph
    Don't talk yourself out of it you never know until you try. I think you have 30 days. Plus you got leverage especially if they want you to be a...
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  • pkmh's Avatar
    Today, 08:58 PM
    Thank you Gonzo for your advice above. It just so happens when I drove my car on the highway the first time after reinstalling my balanced drums...
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  • Randy Forbes's Avatar
    Today, 08:52 PM
    Randy Forbes replied to a thread Tri carb in Austin Healey
    If you can tune 2 carbs, you can tune 3; there's is ZERO MAGIC involved or required. I think the press of the day poisoned the public against...
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  • DavidApp's Avatar
    Today, 08:21 PM
    DavidApp replied to a thread TR2/3/3A Nimbus White? in Triumph
    How accurate was the colour mixing when the TR3 was new? No computer matching in those days just the paint department or paint supplier. David
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  • dklawson's Avatar
    Today, 08:18 PM
    Great news ! Thanks for posting what you found.
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  • titanic's Avatar
    Today, 08:05 PM
    titanic replied to a thread TR4/4A Bent pushrod in Triumph
    Bronze guides with insufficient clearance would be at the top of my suspect list. Berry
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  • Basil's Avatar
    Today, 07:45 PM
    Basil replied to a thread More Proud pap stuff in The Pub
    Pretty cool!
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  • CJD's Avatar
    Today, 07:32 PM
    CJD replied to a thread TR2/3/3A My Reassembly journey in Triumph
    Found it. Yep, it uses 3 1/8" washers and goes to the bottom of the dash strut: Also, when loosening all the adjusting bolts, do not forget...
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  • TOC's Avatar
    Today, 07:25 PM
    TOC replied to a thread TR4/4A Bent pushrod in Triumph
    Usually a stiff guide. Often ends up with a bent valve. Do a compression test.
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  • pdplot's Avatar
    Today, 07:20 PM
    NY Times Business Section today had two feature stories on what happened to Sears and the hedge Fund guy Edward Lampert who invested heavily in it....
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  • CJD's Avatar
    Today, 07:17 PM
    CJD replied to a thread TR2/3/3A My Reassembly journey in Triumph
    Clamping threads are whitworth, and the knurled nuts are unavailable new. You'll have to find someone with spares. All those bolts on the column...
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  • pdplot's Avatar
    Today, 07:10 PM
    pdplot replied to a thread Legal Beagles? in The Pub
    There has been a trend in the legal profession towards plain language whenever possible. No more "Party of the First Part", etc. Most residential...
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  • CJD's Avatar
    Today, 07:03 PM
    CJD replied to a thread TR4/4A Bent pushrod in Triumph
    Anything different from stock...shaved heads, bronze guides, high-lift cam, new valve guides, nylon valve seals, etc?
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  • HealeyRick's Avatar
    Today, 06:53 PM
    Paul, You're missing a number in the VIN, should be 13 numbers, not 12. Probably the only way to track the present owner by VIN is by a law...
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  • chassutton's Avatar
    Today, 06:48 PM
    chassutton started a thread TR4/4A Bent pushrod in Triumph
    After a major engine rebuild (mostly done by professional machine shop), the engine started and ran beautifully for about 100 miles. Suddenly things...
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  • Ohiobugeye's Avatar
    Today, 06:26 PM
    Problem Solved ! You guys were right on the money.I readjusted the nut on the control rod to shorten the length by about 7/16" and the pads were able...
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  • anarchy99's Avatar
    Today, 06:20 PM
    Too bad the landing gear doesnt look like it retracts.
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  • DrEntropy's Avatar
    Today, 06:08 PM
    DrEntropy replied to a thread The magic of Photoshop in The Pub
    First "real" SLR's for me were Miranda G bodies. Most of the versatility of Nikons of the day (1966-68) and not as costly. Soligor made their glass...
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  • Andrew Mace's Avatar
    Today, 05:38 PM
    Andrew Mace replied to a thread TR2/3/3A Nimbus White? in Triumph
    Keith, how does the Nimbus White chip compare to the Cactus Green chip? Just curious; no question to my tired eyes that I'm seeing a greenish white...
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  • Boink's Avatar
    Today, 05:23 PM
    Wow! This is impressive!!!!! Home turf.
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  • Jim_Gruber's Avatar
    Today, 05:16 PM
    As many of you know I recently relocated to Tampa with Bugsy IV my '60 BE. Bugsy is equipped with a 180 degree thermostat, new Aluminum Radiator I...
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  • NutmegCT's Avatar
    Today, 05:14 PM
    NutmegCT replied to a thread True love in Humor
    Sweet Ruth got on my motor bike On the seat in back of me. I hit a bump at 95 And rode on Ruth-lessly.
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  • Popeye's Avatar
    Today, 05:08 PM
    Popeye replied to a thread Math! in Humor
    And a few struggle with grammar... 4 out of 3... :wink-new:
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